Celebrating "Interns"

Kirk “Kingsley” Stevenson

It is paramount that we embolden those that can to innovate our future for sustainability. The generations to come will need a practical, environmentally-informed education that connects our lives to all living organisms on this planet. It is my intent to create a livable future by advocating change to those that are able to affect it.

Joel "Kingsley" Clarke

What year is it!? It's 2022? Then there's still time! We can reduce our carbon footprint, together, but it's going to take work and abandonment of our expected norms. Did you know that global production of food is one third of all climate changing human activity? Ninety percent of an animal's energy intake is lost as heat, so why eat an animal when you can just eat the plants it was going to eat directly and save all that loss. For that matter think about how far your food products had to travel before they got to you, or any products for that matter. Did all this stuff need to travel from another continent when similar things can be found nearby? Have you really noticed how much stuff gets thrown away that's perfectly good? With just a little more creative effort I bet we can find some great uses for what we and others throw away. And what if there was a way to travel that didn't require any additional fuel at all and uses what you already have? Can you think of one? Oh and hey, all these things will save a bunch of money too. There's still time, we're still alive, and we use our brains to solve this!

Eli "Kingsley" Jobst

I’m very excited to get this opportunity to travel back in time to warn people about what’s going to happen if they continue not doing anything. I like my internship at the Humpbacks of Notre Dame, but I wish that I could have studied sea snails before ocean acidification made them unable to grow shells.

Alex "Kingsley" Hagemeister

Humanity now faces the greatest technical challenges in history. We will need to transform the way we generate, distribute, and utilize energy, as well as transportation, agriculture, and currently high-emission processes such as concrete and steel production. Accordingly, I am a college student studying Electrical Engineering, devoted to gaining the skills required to contribute to the technological innovations we need to overcome these challenges and avoid a climate disaster.